I guess I know a lot of people. But still. The outpouring of joy and wonder and animated-balloon congratulations from every single corner of my life, for me and for Juana Martinez-Neal—for both of us—from writers, illustrators, agency mates and publishing people, from librarians and educators, dear, dear friends (I won’t say old friends, Diana, or older still, Kim…) and brand-new friends, from the Writers’ Lofters and Whispering Pinecones, the NESCBWIers and the Winthrop Farm-ers, from the stalwart Girl Scout Moms and my kids’ grown-up childhood friends, hometown neighbors and college classmates, and of course, from those I love best— my husband, my children, my family.

So here it is. The long-awaited dream is almost in the world. Behold…BABYMOON.

Available everywhere April 2, 2019 or preorder now from or

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