Picture books take a long time to create, often several years from purchase of the manuscript to publication. Why? Because original artwork takes time. I’ll share artwork for each of my books as soon as it’s available.

Babymoon—Available April 2, 2019

A tiny new person has arrived. Let’s take our time. We’ll rest together. Learn together. We’ll fall in love as a family.

Perfect for parents-to-be, Babymoon encourages the slow and sensitive welcoming of a child to the world.

The gloriously talented Juana Martinez-Neal will illustrate this lyrical, dreamy picture book.

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(Candlewick Press)

What Miss Mitchell Saw

Stars and ships and splashing whales! What Miss Mitchell Saw recounts Nantucket astronomer Maria Mitchell’s amazing 1847 discovery of a telescopic comet. Her find caused an international sensation as astronomers debated her claim to a royal reward. Did Miss Mitchell win gold and glory?

The brilliantly imaginative Diana Sudyka will illustrate this narrative nonfiction picture book. 

S&S/Beach Lane Books, spring 2019.

Girl Vs. Squirrel

One resourceful girl. One intrepid squirrel. Great minds meet their match in Girl Vs. Squirrel, a rollicking tale of teacups, peanuts, and the satisfying surprise of learning something new.

The cleverly creative Renée Andriani will illustrate this STEM-based, humorous picture book. 

Margaret Ferguson Books/Holiday House, spring 2020

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