Sleepless With Suspense

I’ve been carrying BABYMOON in my heart and hopes for years and years. From early on, others helped me bear the burden—my husband and children, family, friends, and critique partners.

But mostly, I lugged it myself. Through early mornings and sleepless nights, from wonder to work to worry, it has been my constant care and companion. During all this time, I’ve asked myself the same questions:

Would it get its chance?


Would it find a way to people in need of its gentle, restful, encouraging message?

Then came a miracle. A dream of a literary agent, Ammi-Joan Paquettestepped in, shouldered the BABYMOON bundle, and headed off to the marketplace. Before long, she found an amazing editor for my itty-bitty (but surprisingly weighty!) manuscript.

A short while and a good bit of revision later, Candlewick Press‘s Mary Lee Donovan paired BABYMOON and me with a brilliant, insightful, accomplished illustrator, Juana Martinez-Neal.

My questions began to be answered, and my bookish burden was now shared by many. BABYMOON had a team, and we pulled together in earnest.

Sleepless nights are nothing new for me, but tonight is different. Tonight I’m awake not because of wonder or work or worry, but because I’m awaiting the arrival of a new creation. Tomorrow, BABYMOON will show its face to the world for the very first time and take a big step toward becoming what it was meant to be.

Now I know it will get its chance. Hopefully, it will find the people who need it. Wednesday, August 22nd will be here in a few short hours, and I’m sure, so very sure, BABYMOON will be worth the weight and the wait. See you in the morning.

Find BABYMOON’s cover reveal on author-blogger Mia Wenjen’s website,


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